Unit tests, FTW!

I’ve been working on an inventory system for my company and have been encountering a serious amount of resistance from both my neurons and the problem at hand.  So I’m giving the old noggin a brief respite and I’m back to working on NHibernate.Remote.  However my forray into inventory land has taught me some valuable lessons.

  1. Dependency injection is fun, and very usefull when used right.  I’m using the Castle Windsor framework and it seems to be working very well.
  2. Unit tests work and are necessary to ensure proper functioning of your software.

Now some of you may be spewing coffee right about now after reading number 2, because unit tests just seem like such a no brainer right now.  However <whisper>I’m the only one in my company who does them</whisper>.  Anyhow, I am convinced of the need for good unit tests if not completely ready to go straight to TDD.

Anyhow the point of this story is that I am taking some time to write unit tests for NHibernate.Remote, and I expect to find lots and lots of bugs.

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