Generic Messaging 0.5 released

I’ve been spending the last week bug fixing and cleaning up the GenericMessaging library for release.  If you don’t know what it’s all about go and check it out.  If the front page does not explain it well enough for you then check out the documentation as there are a lot more information and examples in there.

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  1. Martin Nyborg Says:

    In the NHibernate example you have code to retrieve an object but how do you update it?

    Console.WriteLine(“Employee name: ” + order.Employee.FirstName);
    // update firstname
    order.Employee.FirstName = “Martin”;
    ?? How can i update the order object

  2. Daniel Guenter Says:

    Not sure if you are referring to NHibernate.Remote or GenericMessage. However in NHibernate.Remote saving an object works much the same way as with a regular NHibernate session. If you are not familiar with NHibernate I would suggest looking in the documentation and using sessions locally at first.

    In regards to your question. Saving an object is as easy as calling the “Save”, “Update”, or “SaveOrUpdate” method on the current session and then flushing the session.

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