Riding out the bumps

Sometimes a person just has to wait for things to settle down before work can be done.  In this case I’m talking about NHibernate 2.0.  I had been building off of the latest stable release, beta 1, 2, CR1 etc…  However beta 2 seriously broke a bunch of things I’ve been working with as well as Linq support and I’m not sure yet what they intend on doing about it. For instance the latest stable release CR2, has added quite a few new methods to the ICriteria interface that is heavily used by both myself and Linq.  One would think that I could just add those methods into the classes that implement them and be done with it, however there is a further snag.  The latest SVN source of NHibernate (I would assume this is what NH 2.0 is being developed from) contains an ICriteria interface that is totally different than the one in CR2.  So which version is out of date and which one should I use?

Long story short, I’m going to have to wait a bit for the dust to settle before I can reliably continue building against NH 2.0.  Ahh but that’s the open source life.

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