Version is Out!

Ok I’ll admit that it’s a bit later than I would have liked, but the next version of NHibernate.Remote is out.  While I’m sure that you’d like to read a lengthy article about blah this, blah that, and how hard it was with all of the other demands at work; I just don’t feel like writing all that out here.  So let’s just start of with a list of things that have changed.

  • Linq queries are now supported
  • Criteria queries are now supported
  • All new enities can now be saved
  • Entities on the client are change tracked and the changes are automatically submitted with a flush
  • Many more methods of ISession are now working
  • Better session concurrency

However there are still things that are being worked on, most noteably.

  • Transactions
  • Filters
  • Named queries
  • Sql queries
  • Change tracking on collections
  • Attatching transient entities

For a more complete list check out the documentation.

The underlying mechanisms have changed and evolved considerably since the last version.  However bear in mind that because of the vast number of entity combinations and queries, I haven’t had a chance to write tests for every senario, especially the more complex ones.

If you are adventuresome, grab the binaries or the sample project from the downloads page and give it a try. This version requires NHibernate 2.0.1GA and if you are using the binaries only, you will also need Post Sharp.

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