Work in Progress

I have been very surprised that some people have already been finding my site.  I’m sorry that I don’t have a more finished project to show you, but there are only so many hours in the day.  NHibernate.Remote is a project that I have been working on for the company MemoryExpress .  I am a programmer that is working on a new set of internal applications and they have been generous enough to agree to allow me to open source this project in the hopes that it will benefit the community and perhaps other more talented people will join in the effort.

Several days ago I promised a quick how-to and I am still going to do that.  However at the moment I am doing some finishing work on making the WCF channel a bit more robust and creating a custom web/app.config section.  Also I am working on unit tests.  I will post the quick how-to as soon as the custom config section is finished as that would affect the documentation in a large way.

Oh, and I am going to China for two weeks on March 20 so I’m hoping to have something before then.  Fingers crossed.

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