Rusty spikes

NHibernate.Remote was one of my favorite projects.  Please note the word “was”.  The initial concept was exciting and early forays into coding provided positive results, however as with all concepts the devil is in the details.  In the end it was the lack of being able to extend the NetDataContractSerializer that really killed the project.  Not being able to analyze objects as they came over the wire led to a large amount of brittle reflection.  This led to problems synchronizing objects bidirectionally.  NHibernate.Remote was in reality a leaky abstraction on top of another not quite as leaky abstraction.  As I don’t have infinite time at work I have shifted focus to other ways of getting data out to clients.  I will probably leave the source online in case someone else wants to check out the concept but as far as I am concerned the project is dead.

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