Generic Messaging

Generic Messaging is a lightweight library using WCF to try to create a more seamless connection between .net clients.  So essentially it’s more like remoting than like a “true” SOA architecture.  WCF is great and all but it has a few glaring shortcomings.

1) No open generics.  ORM’s often make extensive use of generics to provide you better access to the database, it would be nice to make use of them over the wire.

2) Bad handling of “ref” parameters.  Objects that come back from serialization are new objects so references can end up with old or bad data.

3) Complicated configuration.  For .net to .net communications it would be nice to have a more simple configuration

GenericMessaging attempts to help out with these problems and give you the flexibility that you need to connect your .net clients.

Version 0.5 represnets the first binary release to the public and is an open source project.  I have been using this internally for several months and I am curious to see how it performs for other people.   There are quite a few usage cases where this can help out in.

1) You connect to an ORM and want to pull data using generics

2) You want to update certain objects dynamically when they reach the client side.  Say, lazy loaded items for example.

3) You want session based communication with an instanced remote object, and you want to utilize its properties and methods and such.

4) You are curious

I am happy to share this work with you and I hope that it makes some people’s lives easier.


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