UPDATE Due to time and serious technological challenges, active development of this project has ceased.

NHibernate.Remote aims to make the excellent NHibernate ORM mapper easier to use over the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). There has always been trouble in getting data across app-domain boundaries and working with essentially disconnected data will always be more difficult than when you are directly tied to your database.  While NHibernate.Remote will not erase those boundaries, its goal is to make it easier by allowing you to do most of the same operations remotely as you would if you were using an NHibernate session directly.

This project is still in the early stages however there is a lot of functionality that is working, most notably…

  • Lazy loaded collections and entities
  • Linq queries
  • Hql queries
  • Criteria queries
  • Remote session change tracking on entities
  • Session mimicking behavior

If you want to know more about this project, I suggest perusing the documentation.

To download the early binaries and give it a try (no guarantees) just visit the download page.